Our Story



From Salons to Sunrise Hope: Our Story

In 1990, I moved to Florida, following my mom's bold step in 1987. Soon after I arrived in Florida, I opened my first salon in Cocoa Village, Florida.  I would then go on to open another salon where my mom and I worked together and ultimately achieved recognition as one of The Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in North America, as honored by Salon Today Magazine.

Our lives took a profound turn when my mom faced stage four cancer and dementia and I became her caretaker. 

Every morning, I captured the sunrise in her backyard that is located directly across from the launch pads on the Space Coast of Florida. Each sunrise is a symbol of unwavering hope, faith, love, and belief that sustained us. Last year we were told to give up hope as my mom only had a couple of months to live. We found renewed hope at the Moffitt Cancer Center, where dedicated doctors provided treatments others could not and a year later my mom is still with us. 

Inspired by these sunrises, I began creating T-shirts featuring this powerful symbol. It's a journey that fills me with joy and nurtures my creative spirit. I began to incorporate astronaut themed T-shirts and I’m excited to see where this journey will take us.

Join us on this path of hope, faith, love, and belief as we build our brand together.

A heartfelt thank you to the remarkable doctors at the Moffitt Cancer Center who gave us a second chance at hope.

Warmest Regards 

Sandie De & My Dear Mom Shirley P.